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Glassdoor Economic Research provides the latest insights and research on today’s labor market. Our economists and data scientists unearth important trends in hiring, pay and the broader economy all based on Glassdoor’s unique data on jobs, salaries, benefits, company reviews and more.
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Indeed Hiring Lab creates innovative data insights on the global labor market that inspire new conversations about the state of work. As the economic research arm of Indeed, the world’s number one job site, Hiring Lab is driven by a team of leading economists who provide real-time thought leadership on global labor market conditions, including hiring trends, salary information, popular skills, and employer benefits. Hiring Lab analyzes millions of data points across time collected from Indeed’s proprietary job postings, resumes and marketplace behaviors to reveal emerging trends in the United States and across the world.
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As work and the workforce change, companies need new approaches to attracting, developing and retaining talent as well as their leaders and to building strong cultures that empower employees and drive performance. Use our insights and expertise to improve your employee engagement, talent management, coaching, and human capital analytics processes.
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EPI’s thorough research in this area is as critical as ever and focuses on understanding the intricacies and impact of the slow recovery in the U.S. labor market, including our persistent high unemployment, near-record long-term unemployment, mass underemployment, and weak labor force participation.
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With our index of verified, up-to-date job listings sourced directly from employer websites, we've developed a uniquely powerful dataset that delivers insights into the global job market.
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The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) provides market research and data on a wide range of topics related to the labor market, employment, wages, and economic conditions in the United States.

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